As an artist based in Sydney, Australia, I am inspired by the beauty and complexity of the modern world. My work reflects my passion for creating art that captures the look and feel of our contemporary world, using techniques and styles that are influenced by my experience in the film and television industry and my background in computer graphics.

Over the years, I have honed my skills as a scenic artist, creating sets and backdrops for film and television and working with large-scale images in film studios. The pressure of short deadlines and the demands of the industry taught me to work quickly and efficiently, while also fostering my love of painting.

I eventually transitioned to creating realistic animated content commercially, specializing in environments and surface textures. However, I eventually returned to painting, which remains my most satisfying medium. Working in both oil and acrylic, I aim to capture the richness and beauty of the modern world, using my knowledge of modern techniques and styles to lift the image and meet the expectations of the modern eye. I am inspired by artists such as Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun, William Bouguereau, and Marcel Marlier, who were masters at creating realistic skin tones and believable images.